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THE MODEL E-10 metal stud cutting machine was developed for the plant or manufacturing environment. The Model E-10 uses the comes with five standard blades, namely 3 5/8" through 12". (Optional 14" blade available.) It is powered by a Vickers 10 hp hydraulic unit and comes with a 30 gallon reservoir for additional cooling. You can request either 240 volt, 3 phase or 480 volt, 3 phase controls.

The Model E-10 metal stud cutting machine can also be custom ordered for special angle needs.

If you are cutting steel studs or track at your plant you are spending a lot of money on consumables such as chop saw blades or plasma torch supplies. The Stud Chopper Model E-10 metal stud cutting machine will pay for itself easily and quickly by the savings on consumables and increased production. It would take many chop saws to keep up with one Stud Chopper metal stud cutting machine.

Nothing on the market cuts as clean and as accurate as the Stud Chopper metal stud cutting.

We had to install a pilot light on the control box to indicate that it was running. It's a sure bet that there's no pilot light on your chop saw to tell you when it's cutting. Your "cut-man" will love cutting with the Stud Chopper. NO NOISE, NO VIBRATIONS, NO SPARKS AND NO SMOKE with toxic galvanic gases!


MATERIAL HANDLING: Cuts 3 5/8" to 14", 12 gauge and lighter studs, track, flat stock and angle stock.

CUTTING SPEED: 30 cuts per minute

CUTTING ATTACHMENTS: Stud Chopper's adjustable material stop allows quick setup and reliable repetitive cuts.

MATERIAL ANGLE CUTTING: Cuts any angle up to 45 degrees.

BLADES: Stud Chopper's patented LIFE TIME BLADES.

POWER REQUIREMENTS: 10 hp electric motor, 220 volts, three phase or 480 volt, 3 phase.

WORK DUTY: Built extra strong with extra heavy duty components to withstand the long hours of the multi-shift construction environment.

OPERATION SKILLS: • Operators need no special skills to operate efficiently. • Ease of use means less fatigue and happy operators.

WEIGHT: 1200 lbs.

DIMENSIONS: 69" high • 28" wide • 47" long.

SAFETY: All Stud Choppers were built with safety in mind.

MOBILITY: Easy to move - fork lift receivers and casters.