Can you imagine any serious drywall contractor or acoustical ceiling contractor being in business today without owning a laser level? Remember when the lasers first came out? They were a $7,000 dollar piece of equipment replacing a five-dollar plumb bob.

The Stud Chopper metal stud cutting machine is as revolutionary as the laser was to the construction industry or the chain saw was to the logging industry.


All Stud Choppers metal stud cutting machines use "Lifetime Blades". The prototype Stud Chopper still uses the original blade. The Stud Chopper was the primary metal stud cutting tool used by the inventor's drywall company to cut heavy gauge metal framing studs with an average volume of approximate five million dollars per year.

Just ask yourself . . .


  • How many chop saw blades do I buy per year?

  • How many man-hours do I pay out for labor associated with metal stud cutting and track cutting?

  • Do I ever need extra manpower on a project because the metal stud cutting process is slowing down production?

  • Do I ever cut heavier gauge studs, like 12 gauge or wider studs like 14" joists?

  • A careful review of those questions will certainty bring you to the conclusion that you are definitely in need of Stud Chopper metal stud cutting machine's help.

  • FACT: 5 men using chop saws or plasma cutters cutting heavy gauge metal studs (like 6" by 14 gauge) could not keep up with one man using a Stud Chopper metal stud cutting machine!

  • "Bold statement", you might say; but it's true.


Think of how many chop saw blades those five men will have used by days end. How many labor-hours are lost changing spent blades and taking "time-outs" because of fatigue? How much did the blades and lost labor-hours cost?

Stud Chopper metal stud cutting machines do not require replacement blades. Think of the savings! The fact that Stud Choppers more than pay for themselves with savings from replacement blade costs is just the beginning of the whole story of the "Return on Investment".

The Stud Chopper is a complete onsite metal stud cutting system. It is self-contained in it's own metal frame. Everything you need to cut heavy gauge metal studs at a construction site is contained in one machine.

Flick a switch and the Stud Chopper comes to life. The top is the worktable. Set the cutoff stop and begin cutting heavy gauge metal studs quietly, safely and accurately, at about 30 cuts per minute.

No sparks, no smoke, no noise, just fast, clean, accurate cuts.

We try to prefabricate or panelize as much as possible on our projects. We build our own roof trusses with "C" studs at the job site in jigs. The job foreman starts by creating a cut list of all the pieces with their exact lengths. On large jobs, there are thousands of pieces needed for the assembly of just the roof trusses; therefore they are all numbered to identify their proper position in the assembly. The cut man operating the Stud Chopper follows the cut list and quickly cuts and palletizes the pieces separately. The assembly crew, with the help of a numbered sketch, can efficiently assemble the components.

One person with a Stud Chopper can pre-cut even the largest steel framed project. In fact, with proper planning, he or she can do the major cutting for multiple projects.

People often tell me that they can buy a lot of chop saws for the price of a Stud Chopper. My answer to them is simple. I know that it's possible to buy a chop saw cheaper then a Stud Chopper but that is not your real bottom line cost. Your real cost happens at the job site every day in the form of replacement blades and labor hours. That's right, LABOR HOURS!

Save Time and Money


  • NO more changing chop saw blades

  • NO sparks to start fires or damage supplies like glass mirrors and finished doors

  • NO high, ear-piercing noise levels from chop saws

  • NO injuries to workers from smoke, fire, dust, galvanize fume inhalation eye injuries or fatigue

  • NO need for work tables or benches

  • NO fear of electric shock while standing in wet areas

  • NO large crews running chop saws to keep ahead of production - ONE person on ONE Stud Chopper performs the work of a crew of 5 or 6

  • NO burrs or sharp edges to injure workers - Stud Chopper metal stud cutting machines cut clean every time

  • NO large wooden work tables to build in inconvenient locations

  • NO safety violations caused by misuse of equipment or improper safety gear

  • NO special skills needed to run Stud Chopper metal stud cutting machines

  • NO extra tools or accessories to bring to the job to get damaged, lost or stolen

  • NO increased insurance premiums due to injuries caused by chop saws

  • NO limitations to portability - work anywhere at any time

  • NO production lost due to injuries or noise. Mall jobs can't have noise, sparks and smoke during employee training and meetings.

Why Buy A Stud Chopper? 
The answer's easy. It's in our name.

  Safer, neater and more organized job sites 
  Tackle larger projects with confidence 
  Unlimited cutting from a single blade 
  Diversity with angles, gauges and widths of studs

  Cost savings in materials and labor 
  Happy and safe operators 
  On site complete stud shear system that cuts all metal studs precisely and cleanly 
  Performance tested over 20 years on real job sites 
  Profits dramatically increased by higher productivity and lower operating costs 
  Even the smallest of companies can justify the cost of a Stud Chopper metal stud cutting machines 
  Replacement blades are a thing of the past


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