Drywall Tools. The Stud Chopper has become one of the most important drywall tools a contractor could have in his arsinal, replacing the chop saw and the plasma cutter. As far as drywall tools are concerned, the Stud Chopper is as important to production on the job site as the laser level has become in recent years. Drywall tools are becoming more complex and costly than the every day hand drywall tools, like the Ames "Bazooka", but dollar for dollar nothing will make you more money, in less time, than a Stud Chopper.

Stud Chopper Tools, LLC. Is a Company that manufactures and distributes the Stud Chopper metal stud cutting machine product line. At this time we are building three models, the Stationary Electric Stud Chopper "Model E-10" and the new "Jr. Deluxe" and the "Model E-5"

It is our mission at Stud Chopper to provide the light gauge metal stud framing industry with the best metal stud cutting possible. The Stud Chopper is built to last with a useful life that should exceed ten years or more. The Stud Chopper will begin to pay for itself immediately because of its lifetime blade. With a metal stud cutting Stud Chopper on your job sites you will no longer spend money on replacement cutting blades. Manpower will be freed up to do more productive tasks. It would take many chop saws to equal the metal stud cutting production of one Stud Chopper. The Stud Chopper comes with a one-year warranty and the metal stud cutting blades have a one-year unconditional guarantee.

The stationary electric Stud Chopper Is used in the manufacturing or plant environment for metal stud cutting.

The Stud Chopper "Jr. Deluxe" is used for cutting light gauge metal studs and track up to 16 guage. Cuts 1-5/8" tthough 8" and is powered by a 115-volt electric hydraulic unit. The Stud Chopper "Jr." operates mechanically and will quickly and quietly cut all of your 25 gauge and 20 gauge studs and track up to six inches in width. It will also cut a wide range of angles.

The people at Stud Chopper Tools are excited about all our metal stud cutting products and about being involved in the steel stud framing industry. We believe that it is an industry poised for growth and Stud Chopper Tools, LLC is committed to providing the tools necessary to help fuel this growth.

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